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Postcode Lookup

Postcodes within a radius
Lookup any Icelandic postcode (e.g.: 103)


Postcodes in a Radius

Postcodes within a radius
All postcodes within a radius of a Icelandic postcode (e.g.: 103)

Postcode Radius Unit

Postcode Distances

Postcodes within a radius
Distance between two Icelandic postcodes (road and beeline)

Postcode 1 e.g. 103
Postcode 2 e.g. 190


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Postcodes within a radius


Postcodes within a radius
"...In addition to the obvious advantages of your Icelandic postcode database, which helps users search for my locations in their area, I want to specifically highlight the excellent customer service provided to me by ZipCodeSoft. Thank you for helping me!..." Ari Oddbergsson, Reykjavík, Iceland
"...I am the IT chairman of a growing pizza chain. When we decided to accept online orders, I had to include some sort of tool to help my customers find the nearest outlet. I chose ZipCodeSoft’s postcode database, which has made our site very useful to our hungry customers..." Ebba Jóhannesdóttir, Reykjavík, Iceland
"...I work for a tourism website. I am responsible for updating the calendar of events. With ZipCodeSoft’s 'postcodes with a radius', I was able to make our website more interactive. Now, people can search for nearby events without hassle. It has made the website more useful and profitable..." Jon Sigurgeirsson, Reykjavík, Iceland
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Postcode Database Iceland

Product details and Download

Postcode database Iceland
Iceland Postcode database

Single LicenseSingle License agreement

Buy now...   99 £ Free unlimited postcode updates included!

Enterprise LicenseEnterprise License agreement

Buy now...   199 £ Free unlimited postcode updates included!

Scandinavia Package

Iceland postcode database + Norway postcode database + Sweden postcode database + Denmark postcode database + Finland postcode database

Single LicenseSingle License agreement

Buy now...   199 £ Free unlimited postcode updates included!

Enterprise LicenseEnterprise License agreement

Buy now...   399 £ Free unlimited postcode updates included!

Postcode data does change from time to time.

Buy your postcode database at ZIPCodeSoft and we will keep your postcode data up-to-date. Just pay a one-off price! No further costs!
Unlimited in time. Unprecedented!

Database comes with free Radius finder / Distance scripts in PHP / ASP. (Live Demo located in left column)

Details (Data of: May 2024)

The Iceland postcode database contains all postcodes of Iceland plus town and regions plus latitude/longitude.

Database content

  Regions (Landshlutar)8
  Unique Postcodes150
  Geocoded locations100 %
  Number of records        150

Available formats:

  CSV Format  Comma Separated Values (CSV) ~30 KB ZIP-compressed
  MySQL Format  MySQL dump (SQL) ~30 KB ZIP-compressed
  SQL Server Format  MS SQL Server dump (SQL) ~30 KB ZIP-compressed
  Oracle Format  Oracle dump (SQL) ~30 KB ZIP-compressed
  Postgre Format  Postgre SQL Dump (SQL) ~30 KB ZIP-compressed
  Sybase Format  Sybase SQL Dump (SQL) ~30 KB ZIP-compressed
  Excel Format  Miscroft Excel (XLS) ~300 KB ZIP-compressed
  Access Format  Microsoft Access (MDB) ~300 KB ZIP-compressed

Easy to import into all major Database Systems.

Datatable structure

  latitudedecimal(13, 9)
  longitudedecimal(13, 9)


Having a database of localities with their latitudes and longitudes enables you to locate the closest cities to a set point (or within a radius of X).

To help you to successfully implement a postcode radius / distance search we offer free access to example codes in many scripting and programming languages like ASP, PHP, Coldfusion...

To achieve the highest accuracy the formulas in our example scripts take the earth's curvature into consideration.

Please check the top left column of this page to see examples of what our scripts are capable of.
There you can find examples of

All these scripts are available for our database customers for free download. (PHP / ASP)

More information about the programming...


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Sample Data


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