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Postcodes within a radius


Postcodes within a radius
v"...Great scripts, we had them up and running within a minute. Great experience and a huge time saver! We simply had to put the database user and password into the C# script and it all worked immediately. Thank you for all of your support..." Shawn Fuller, Birmingham, UK
"...Your PHP scripts saved us minimum of 2 days programming and researching. The calculation of postcodes within a radius has enabled us to improve our customer experience. With great results! Our viewers now can easily find us in their nearest location, and it has increased our sales rate to a great level. Thanks for all your support and product..." Max Frankenheim, Kassel, Germany
"...It has been like achieving a milestone for us when we could include an effective and easy solution of distance and radius filtering of search results for our customers in our real estate web portal. The free bonus ASP.NET scripts were ready to go. Configured in a minute. This achievement could never be realized without your amazing scripts. We thank you for creating such a user-friendly and smart product..." Lars Hellerud, Stavanger, Norway
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Postcodes within Radius Scripts (ASP/PHP...)

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Postcode radius scripts ASP, PHP, Coldfusion
Free Download

All of our customers get free access to all example scripts in the Download area.


A typical task for a Postcode radius search is a "Dealer locator" on websites. It cleverly allows your website visitors to find the nearest dealers to their home by entering their own Postcode.

It can also be very useful in social network or dating sites (show members in my area) real estate or any other classified ads directory.

Having a database of localities with their latitudes and longitudes enables you to locate the closest cities to a set point (or within a radius of X).

To help you to successfully implement a Postcode radius / distance search we offer free access to example codes in many scripting and programming languages like ASP, PHP, Coldfusion...

To achieve the highest accuracy the formulas in our example scripts take the earth's curvature into consideration.

Here you can find examples of

All these scripts are available for our database customers for free download. (PHP / ASP)

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