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Postcodes within a radius


Postcodes within a radius
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South Africa Postcode Database

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Postcode Database South Africa
Postcode Database South Africa

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Details (Data of: June 2024)

The South Africa postcode database contains all South Africa Postcodes plus city and regions plus latitude/longitude.

Database content

South Africa

  Geocoded Postcodes100 %
  Number of records        3920

Available formats:

  CSV Format  Comma Separated Values (CSV) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  MySQL Format  MySQL dump (SQL) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  SQL Server Format  MS SQL Server dump (SQL) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  Oracle Format  Oracle dump (SQL) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  Postgre Format  Postgre SQL Dump (SQL) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  Sybase Format  Sybase SQL Dump (SQL) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  Excel Format  Miscroft Excel (XLS) ~280 KB ZIP-compressed
  Access Format  Microsoft Access (MDB) ~400 KB ZIP-compressed

Easy to import into all major Database Systems.

Datatable structure

  latitudedecimal(13, 9)
  longitudedecimal(13, 9)


Having a database of localities with their latitudes and longitudes enables you to locate the closest cities to a set point (or within a radius of X).

To help you to successfully implement a postcode radius / distance search we offer free access to example codes in many scripting and programming languages like ASP, PHP, Coldfusion...

To achieve the highest accuracy the formulas in our example scripts take the earth's curvature into consideration.

Test the capabilities of our scripts with your own postcode:

Postcode Radius Unit Country

More information about the programming...


Internet Download

Sample Data

ZA;9800;PAUL ROUX;Central Region;Free State;-28.3005178;27.95051148
ZA;9810;REITZ;Central Region;Free State;-27.8006894;28.43403844
ZA;9820;TWEELING;Central Region;Free State;-27.5503002;28.51697753
ZA;9830;FRANKFORT;Central Region;Free State;-27.2854204;28.50218025
ZA;9835;VREDE;Central Region;Free State;-27.4172589;29.16729670
ZA;9840;VILLIERS;Central Region;Free State;-27.0345822;28.60132131
ZA;9850;CORNELIA;Central Region;Free State;-23.7176960;29.13459768
ZA;9850;VREDE;Central Region;Free State;-23.7178596;29.13479870
ZA;9860;KESTELL;Central Region;Free State;-28.3194190;28.70278964
ZA;9866;PHUTHADITJHABA;Central Region;Free State;-28.5344717;28.81781648
ZA;9868;WITSIESHOEK;Central Region;Free State;-28.5351052;28.80178847
ZA;9869;MOKODUMELA;Central Region;Free State;-28.5351537;28.80183744
ZA;9869;PHUTHADITJHABA;Central Region;Free State;-28.5334987;28.80016703
ZA;9869;WITSIESHOEK;Central Region;Free State;-28.5334616;28.80012960
ZA;9870;WITSIESHOEK;Central Region;Free State;-28.5346486;28.80132768
ZA;9873;DIKGAKENG;Central Region;Free State;-28.5352136;28.80189792
ZA;9875;WITSIESHOEK;Central Region;Free State;-28.5351936;28.80187776
ZA;9877;WITSIESHOEK;Central Region;Free State;-28.5337441;28.80041472
ZA;9878;WITSIESHOEK;Central Region;Free State;-28.5334017;28.80006912
ZA;9880;HARRISMITH;Central Region;Free State;-28.2844702;29.13450445
ZA;9882;HARRISMITH;Central Region;Free State;-28.2849624;29.13501137
ZA;9883;HARRISMITH;Central Region;Free State;-28.2848747;29.13492106
ZA;9885;HARRISMITH;Central Region;Free State;-28.2854008;29.13546294
ZA;9890;WARDEN;Central Region;Free State;-27.8524201;28.96918390
ZA;9904;REDDERSBURG;Central Region;Free State;-29.6506641;26.16725283
ZA;9908;EDENBURG;Central Region;Free State;-29.7344423;25.93430061
ZA;9913;TROMPSBURG;Central Region;Free State;-30.0342883;25.78415320
ZA;9917;SPRINGFONTEIN;Central Region;Free State;-30.2668452;25.70015163
ZA;9922;COLESBERG;Central Region;Free State;-30.7351588;25.10149094
ZA;9928;BLOEMFONTEIN;Central Region;Free State;-29.1360281;26.20242349
ZA;9932;PETRUSBURG;Central Region;Free State;-29.1184282;25.41820440
ZA;9936;PETRUSBURG;Central Region;Free State;-29.1194939;25.41913465
ZA;9940;DEWETSDORP;Central Region;Free State;-29.5853656;26.66849870
ZA;9944;WEPENER;Central Region;Free State;-29.7339249;27.03387126
ZA;9945;ZASTRON;Central Region;Free State;-30.3015301;27.08470100
ZA;9950;ZASTRON;Central Region;Free State;-30.3018392;27.08497725
ZA;9951;ZASTRON;Central Region;Free State;-30.3015271;27.08469829
ZA;9958;FREE STATE;Central Region;Free State;-30.4187441;26.83516601
ZA;9958;ROUXVILLE;Central Region;Free State;-30.4172628;26.83385923
ZA;9966;SMITHFIELD;Central Region;Free State;-30.2195856;26.53589641
ZA;9970;PHILIPPOLIS;Central Region;Free State;-30.2667968;25.28344201
ZA;9974;JAGERSFONTEIN;Central Region;Free State;-29.7693933;25.41899486
ZA;9978;FAURESMITH;Central Region;Free State;-29.7517373;25.31814519
ZA;9982;LUCKHOFF;Central Region;Free State;-29.7501427;24.78345225
ZA;9986;KOFFIEFONTEIN;Central Region;Free State;-29.4024578;25.01875809
ZA;9986;LUCKHOFF;Central Region;Free State;-29.4008996;25.01743221
ZA;9987;KOFFIEFONTEIN;Central Region;Free State;-29.4006144;25.01718954
ZA;9992;BETHULIE;Central Region;Free State;-30.5359377;21.28514876

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